How effective are the HMOs on the platform?

How effective are the HMOs on the platform?

At Motherboard we operate in partnership with the best HMOs, having verified their licenses and hospitals listed under team through a team of expert medical practitioners. 
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    • What HMOs are available on Motherboard?

      Motherboard currently partners with the following HMOs: 1. Alleanza HMO 2. Avon HMO 3. AXA Mansard HMO 4. Bastion Health 5. CKLINE HMO 6. DOT HMO 7. First Guaranty Health 8. Hygiea HMO 9. Leadway Health 10. Lifeworth HMO 11. Phillips HMO 12. Reliance ...
    • Can we choose Tier 1 HMOs like Reliance/Axa Mansard if our company has only 5 employees?

      No, onboarding Tier 1 HMOs require a minimum of 21 employees to be on the same benefit plan.
    • What benefits can I enjoy on Motherboard?

      Think of Motherboard as your personal shopping mall. But instead of shoes and clothes, we've got everything from gym memberships and HMO plans to food perks and airtime vouchers. Here are some of the amazing benefits you get to enjoy when you use ...
    • Where to view my policy number on the platform?

      To view your policy number on Motherboard, log in as an individual with your registered phone number to get access to your employee dashboard. On the employee dashboard, look out for your e-card on which your details, including your policy number ...
    • What happens if I don't like the HMO plan I choose?

      We doubt that you will not like any of the HMOs on our platform, except that the hospitals listed do not cater to some of your health needs. However, you can always go to the platform under the plans tab and select a new HMO and switch plans which ...