How to upgrade or change a health plan on Motherboard

How to upgrade or change a health plan on Motherboard

To upgrade or change your health plan on Motherboard , follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Log in as an individual with your registered phone number to enable you to view plans. 

  • Click on plans and filter by plan type and location. 

  • Once the page loads, filter by age range and price and click on view this plan to see the health benefits under each plan.

  • Once you find a plan that suits your health needs and your budget, click on the select plan tab to choose it. 

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    • How to select a health plan on Motherboard.

      Follow these quick steps to choose your preferred health plan: 1. Log in as an individual on the Motherboard with your registered phone number. 2. Click on the 'health and wellness' category, click on health plans. 3. Select your preferred HMO, 4. ...
    • How to upgrade/switch my plan?

      To upgrade or switch your health plan, please call the Motherboard contact center or send an email to ( requesting for your preferred plan and a response will be provided on the next steps to be taken.
    • What type of health plans are available on the Motherboard app?

      On the Motherboard app, there is a variety of individual and family plans to choose from. Each plan type is designed to suit different needs and budgets so there is something for everyone.
    • Can I get individual health plans on Motherboard?

      On the Motherboard app, there are different HMO plans tailored to meet the needs of both individuals, families and corporate entities. All the HMOs we partner with have both individual and family plans which you can choose from for as low as #1,000 a ...
    • Is it possible to switch plans every month?

      You can switch plans, but not on monthly basis. Typically, plan switching occurs when you aim for higher benefits than what your employer allocated or if your preferred hospital is not covered by your current plan.