Who is referred to as a Sponsor?

Who is referred to as a Sponsor?

A sponsor is any person, most likely an organisation that sets a health plan budget for another person on the roHealth Platform.
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      Log on to www.rohealth.ng Click on the login tab Choose your login type (login as an organization) Click on the forgot password option Enter your registered email address in the field provided and click reset password A notification will pop up that ...
    • How long can an employee use the healthcare plan?

      As long as his sponsor or employer funds his account. The employee can also fund his account and select any healthplan of choice.
    • How does rohealth work?

      roHealth is an app that enables businesses to provide the best health insurance plans for its employees while also saving money at the same time. How it works: As a sponsor / employer -  Sign up as a business by creating a free account. Invite an ...
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      How to access care without my policy number? To get access to healthcare without your policy number, please call the roHealth contact center to get a one time password/code.  roHealth will send the hospital a mail with this code to permit them to ...